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I am asked “where do you stand on the issues?”   The only issue that matters at this time in history, is the removal of  McMorris Rodgers whose allegiance to Trump has prevented her from demanding a national strategy to curb the virus that is decimating our people and economy.  There is no defense and no excuse for her to stand silent while the safety of the people of her district is at stake.  No one is safe until we are all safe.

Where I Stand - When I am Elected

1. Climate Change - I stand with the science. Climate change is real, it's now and we are are out of time.
2. Equal Justice - We owe it to ourselves to live up to the 14th Amendment of our Constitution - Equal Protection Under the Law. 

3. Police Reform - Remove the laws, policies, practices and procedures that have supported the biases in our society.

4. Campaign Finance - We do not yet have enough transparency in place to safeguard our democracy.

5. Education and Student Debt - an educated citizen is the foundation of our democracy.   Our federal government can exert influence to achieve greater equity in the country.

6. Income Inequality - History tells us that failing to address this issue will carry heavy consequences. I support raising the federal minimum wage to $15.00 per hour and indexing it to inflation.

7. Health Care - We spend a lot, and lag the world in outcomes. I support Biden's plan to expand healthcare.  The money is there.

8. Homelessness - As Utah has adopted, I take a housing first approach. Housing first, then address the reasons.

9. Addiction - The war on drug is an expensive war, meanwhile we have allowed major American corporations to legally sell drugs that are devastating communities.  The penalties for creating addicts should be high for those selling and dealing.

10.  Gun Ownership - I support gun ownership.  And, I support a ban on bump stocks and high-capacity magazines.

11. Immigration - Separation of families is not what America is all about. Our laws and policies can recognize the noble motives of those who come here fleeing poverty and oppression and create a path to citizenship while they work and contribute to America.
12.  Militias -  They pose a threat to domestic tranquility and security and they are not protected under the 2nd Amendment.
13.  Women have the Right to Choose. 
14. Black Lives Matter.

And, more...

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