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Thank you to all who have contributed to this page.  I am proud to be endorsed by each and everyone.  Dave Wilson  

Dave is a visionary. He saw the future of computers when in 1982 he started Interface Computer School. He was ahead of the curve, then, as he is now. He knows the district, he knows Spokane and he is prepared to lead us into the future.

— Breean Beggs, Spokane City Council Member

I have known Dave Wilson for a number of years and believe he is of the highest integrity, very intelligent, and up to date on the issues affecting the district and the state. I do not believe anyone can find a better candidate for public office. As a centralist that is willing to consider all points of view and arrive at solutions that have taken all of the facts and ideas into consideration. If all of our candidates in the state house used a similar approach, we would have seen far more accomplished these last few years than we actually did. I encourage anyone looking for the ideal candidate to vote for Dave. — Michael Bell

Dave will be a strong advocate for Spokane's children as we work to invest in success at every level of education. — Andy Billig, Washington State Senator & President of the Spokane Indians Baseball

"I am honored to endorse Dave Wilson as our next State Representative for the 6th district. I have known Dave as a friend and business associate for 35 years. He has a proven and successful track record as a private business man as well as a dedicated family man. He will bring hard work, common sense and has proven at many levels that he will get the job done!" — Kevin Blanchat

I strongly support Dave Wilson in his bid to represent the 6th Legislative District. Having worked with Dave in previous elections, I know he will listen to our concerns and make decisions that will positively effect Washington State and particularly Spokane. — Mark Bowman

Dave Wilson's business experience, commitment to fiscal responsibility, centrist policies and unfailing respect for others make him the best choice to represent the Sixth District in the state House of Representatives. As an independent voter with substantial experience in government (34 years in the U.S. Foreign Service), I am proud to endorse Dave Wilson and look forward to his election as our representative in Olympia. — David Burnett

Dave Wilson is a person you can trust to do what he says. He studies the issues and shares his views but is willing to listen and learn from others to get to the best decision. I will support and vote for Dave Wilson. — Marie Challender

Dave is the kind of honest and sincere citizen that we need in state government. — Ron Challender

I particularly admire Dave's view of 'changing the current polarized political climate to one of civility and common sense.' — Linda Cunningham

I'm happy to support my friend, Dave Wilson in his run to become the 6th District's next State Representative. I've found Dave to be an independent thinker who knows what it takes to run a successful business, values the importance of economic development, and genuinely cares about his community and improving the lives of others. His down-to-earth, practical view of the world enables him to connect with people from many walks of life. I'll be glad knowing he's in Olympia representing me and my neighbors! — Todd Eklof

I've known Dave for over 3 decades. His personal commitment to listening and providing effective problem solving solutions speaks volumes of his character. Clearly the best choice for the 6th District. — Gayle Fulton

I am so pleased that Dave is running to represent the 6th District. Having know Dave for years and have volunteered for him in the past I can attest to his honesty, tireless work ethic, and up to date knowledge of the issues. Dave is a person who will listen carefully and consider thoughtfully and respectfully to all sides. He is exactly what is needed to unite and allow our legislative process to work for the benefit of all. The 6th District would thrive under his leadership. — Michael Fulton

Our Grandpa Dave is looking out for our future!

— The Wilson Grandchildren

I’ve known Dave for 30 years as a business associate. Dave is a solid citizen and will make a good state legislator. I’ll make a financial contribution I’m so sure of it. Good luck Dave. — Bruce Green

As a retired businessman, and a long time resident of Spokane's 6th district, I am proud to know & give my endorsement to Dave Wilson, for our legislative Representative. Dave is a man of strong character, who ran a successful business in Spokane for several decades, dealing with the public on a daily basis. He raised his family here, based sound Christian values. Dave has demonstrated a basic desire to help improve the lives of Spokane residents. I support Dave & hope you will too in this Fall election. — Stephen Joswick

I support Dave Wilson for the WA State House of Representatives. Here are some of the reasons why: He's a good listener, a centrist, not an extremist, is knowledgeable about American history, knows how to run a successful business, understands how to work with people and is familiar with state education issues. I think he’ll be an effective legislator. — Barb Kehr

Dave Wilson is the man we need as our State Representative in the Sixth District. Sensible, responsive, and visible, Dave will work on issues affecting us; such as, economic development and fiscal responsibility. Dave understands the problems we face; and more importantly, he is the one with the honesty and integrity to complete the job. Having worked with him at Interface, I witnessed his diligence in getting jobs done, his attention to detail, his organizational skills, and, especially, his talent in connecting to and not only listening to people--but more importantly--hearing people and addressing their concerns. — Karen Larsen

We appreciate your support on issues important to Organized Labor along with working families and look forward to working with you in the future.   

Philip E Lundquist, Director of Governmental Affairs

— International Union of Painters & Allied Trades, AFL-CIO District Council 5

We know you share our commitment to economic justice for working families and will continue your efforts to create job opportunities for Boilermakers in Spokane and the entire State of Washington. 

Luke Lafley, Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer

— BoilerMakers Local No 242

Local 3711 of IAFF, Spokane Fire District 8 look forward to working with you and appreciate your efforts. Thank you for meeting with us. 

J Wilkins, Secretary/Treasurer

— International Association of Fire Fighters Local 3711

"SEIU 775 is proud to stand with you in our joint efforts to better the lives and communities in our State. The 2019 legislative session will require strong voices to stand-up for workers and their families ....." 

Adam Glickman, Secretary-Treasurer

— Service Employees International Union 775

We are confident that you hold the values of working class people in high regard.

Chris McClain, Business Manager

— Iron Workers Local Union 86

— Equal Rights Washington

We are counting on you to champion legislation congruent with the values and policies that invest in strong communities, build a strong working and  middle-class economy, and create a better future for Washington. 

Karen Strickland, President  AFT Washington, AFL-CIO

— American Federation of Teachers Washington AFL-CIO

Your thoughtful responses (to our candidate questionnaire) indicate you will serve as an advocate for patients and ARNP's in Washington State. We look forward to a partnership with you to promote access to care and solve health care problems confronting the residents of Washington.   

Nancy Lawton, MN, ARNP, FNP-BC  President, ARNP's United

— ARNP's United of Washington State

Thank you for your commitment to solving the affordable housing and homelessness crisis in our communities. 

Teresa Clark, Director of Organizing

— Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund

We believe the working families of Local 612 will enjoy a better quality of life under your leadership. 

Todd J  Mickelson, Business Manager

— International Union of Operating Engineers Locals 612 (A,B,C & RA)

I have know Dave Wilson for nearly 25 years. He was my youngest son's AAU basketball coach. In addition, our families have been close friends for over two decades. I whole heartedly endorse Dave for the State House of Representatives from the 6th District! Dave is the kind of person we need in state politics. He's intelligent, compassionate and an extremely hard worker. Dave is an experienced business owner and a leader with vision. Dave understands that for government to work well at any level, there must be elected officials of integrity working together for the good of their constituents. That's what Dave brings to the 6th district. We could not elect a better more capable person. — Larry Martin

"We want Dave Wilson to represent us in Olympia. 

He shares our values on the importance of education" 

— Steve and Candace Mumm

The Children's Campaign Fund is the state's longest-standing, non-partisan political action committee dedicated to electing state leaders who will champion the health, well being, safety and education of the children of Washington State.  We look forward to working with Dave Wilson. 
Laura Ruderman, PAC Director

— Children's Campaign Fund

Dave came to my attention in 2016 with the thoughtful, articulate and--above all else--civil manner in which he presented solutions to vexing problems during his run for the U.S. House of Representatives--which is undoubtedly why the Spokesman-Review endorsed him. Regardless of party, we desperately need his kind to work with and for us in Olympia. — Dick Smith

As an AP Government and Politics teacher in the Mead School District, my students and I closely follow both State and Federal candidacies. As part of our research, we had the privilege of hosting both candidates for the Washington State House of Representatives 6th District seat and both candidates for the 5th Congressional District. Dave Wilson impressed both myself and my students. He is knowledgeable, a great listener, and has the background required to be an effective leader in Washington's House of Representatives. I am happy to give him my endorsement! — David Stedman

I got to know Dave Wilson as a volunteer and a member of one of his campaign focus groups in his race against Cathy McMorris Rodgers. His common sense centrist policy positions and personal integrity appealed to me. Our country desperately needs people at every level of government who do not represent either political extreme and who are willing to work together with others to achieve solutions to the many problems that face our state and our nation. I have watched Dave interact with people from all walks of life and all political persuasions throughout the Spokane area and I know that he listens carefully and respects everyone's opinion. As your representative he will listen to your concerns and do his best to represent all of his constituents, not just those who have contributed to his campaign. I heartily endorse Dave Wilson for State Representative from the 6th district. — Will Terpening
A.E. (Ted) Aked
John Allison
Susan Ankenbrand
Susan Ashe
Denise Attwood
Jan Baker
Tony Bamonte
Breean Beggs, Spokane City Council Member
Andy Billig, Washington State Senator
Staci Clary
Ric Conner
Harry Crase
Ian Cunningham
Alx Dark
Virginia Darrell
Seamus Davis
Dennis Dellwo
Democratic Party 6th LD
Spokane County Democratic Party
John Driscoll
Rick Eichstaedt
Marty & Dave Erb
Elliot Fabric
David Fulton
James Gilmore
Judith Gilmore
Bart Haggin
Kathy Hammonds
Ted Hensold
Mayor John Higgins (Medical Lake, retired)
Carl Hueber
Lori Kinnear, Spokane City Council Member
Mark Kinney
Dan Kobe-Smith
Linda Kobe-Smith
Cynthia Lambarth
Jim and Linda Lee
Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Service Employees International Union 1199 NW
United Food & Commercial Workers Local 1439
Professional & Technical Employees Local 17
Roofers Local 189
International Union of Elevator Constructors Local Union 19, AFL-CIO
Laborers Local 238
Spokane Fire Fighters Local 29
International Association of Fire Fighters Local 2916
International Union of Operating Engineers 302
Sheetmetal Workers Local 55
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 612
Teamsters Local Union 690
Pierce County Professional Fire Fighters IAFF Local 726
International Brotherhood of Electricial Workers Local 73
Aerospace Machinists Industrial District Lodge 751
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 76
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 77
Heat & Frost Insulators Local 82
Iron Workers Local Union 86
AFSCME Council 28, Washington Federation of State Employees
Washington Conservation Voters
Equal Rights Washington
Washington Education Association (WEA)
International Longshore & Warehouse Union - Puget Sound District Council
Planned Parenthood Votes
Retired Public Employees Council of Washington
ARNP's United Washington State
Northeast Washington/North Idaho Building & Construction Trades Council
Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund
Washington State Council of Fire Fighters
Washington State Nurses Association - PAC
Washington Teamsters Legislative League
Washington State School Retiree's Association
Mike Luinstra
Bonnie Mager
Jack and Kim Marchant
Barbara Marney
Dia Maurer
Brian McClatchey
Jaime McCorgary
Joe McKinnon
Kate McMullen
Linda Milsow
Donnie Mortensen
Candace Mumm, Spokane City Council Member
NARAL Pro-Choice America
Frank & Jeanie Neeri
Mark Newbold
Brian Parker
Geoff Prager
Marcus Riccelli, Washington State House of Representatives
M Dean Rieken
Patricia Rieken
Lambert Sanders
Christy Scammell
Keith Schultz
Jeff Sevela
William Simer
Randy Sinclair
Ann Smith
Janet Smith
Nancy Smith
Walther Soeldner
Bettie Stiritz
Karen Stratton, Spokane City Council Member
Washington State Senator Lois Stratton (Retired)
Ben Stuckart, Spokane City Council President
Duane Swinton
Jan Swinton
Ginny Terpening
Mary Wissink & Tom McGarry
Mayor Tom Trulove (Cheney, retired)
Jackie Van Allen
Lynnette Vehrs
Jeff Wendel
Robin Wendel
Christian Westbrook

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