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As I’ve been talking with people in the 6th District it is clear that we need a visible, accessible, and responsive representative who will actively champion our interests in suburban Spokane, West Plains cities and our agricultural areas, not just toe the line for issues decided by party leadership.

I will be a tireless advocate for the people I represent.

Children, working families and small businesses need an advocate who understands the 6th District – and will represent our values on education, healthcare, economic development and wise use of our tax dollars.


We have several successful K-12 school districts in the 6th District, and I want to build on those successes by investing in early learning and affordable post-secondary options. Quality education is the most important building block for economic development, a civil society, and public safety. Education is the best vehicle to lift all the boats and ensure equal opportunity for everyone. I have over 30 years experience working in education and training and look forward to working with educators and leaders in 6th District schools and post-secondary institutions.

Economic Development

Public investments in infrastructure and transportation is another important building block for economic development. I will work hard to ensure that the 6th District gets its fair share of Capital projects funded. The prosperity of our local economy is largely dependent upon the quality and efficiency of our community and regional transportation systems. Infrastructure projects will help grow our state and local economies, increase tax revenues, provide good paying jobs, and reduce demand for services – all of which will improve the lives of our citizens.

Health Care

Everyone should have access to affordable health coverage. I will work to promote and support legislation to reduce costs, improves access, and expands coverage. This includes the need to improve mental health care and substance abuse treatment.

Public Safety

Public safety is one of the most important responsibilities of government. I am committed to working on policy and budget issues to assure the safety and protection of the people and our neighborhoods. Legislators need to make sure that law enforcement and first responders have the resources needed to serve our community. I will also propose and support legislation to promote Smart Justice programs in the 6th District and around the state.

Protecting the Environment

I have lived and worked in many parts of the United States, and we who live in Washington State are truly fortunate – the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest is second to none. Another primary duty of government is to protect our environment, including clean air and clean water. The Spokane-Rathdrum aquifer is the single source of drinking water for our area and we must do everything we can to preserve it. I will support legislation that and addresses the causes and impacts of our changing climate, and promotes sound stewardship of our environment.

Fiscal Responsibility

There is a natural tension between rising tax revenues and demands for citizen services. It is imperative that lawmakers safeguard the wise use of tax dollars – our citizens entrust us to do so. This includes ensuring that the state’s core responsibilities are covered, enough funds are set aside for a rainy-day, and on-going measures to improve cost savings and efficiency in state agencies.

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